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Rosalind Hall

rosalind hallA native of Wales, which has one of the strongest choral traditions in the world, Rosalind Hall brings a fresh approach to choral music in the USA. Her British training was at London’s Royal Academy of Music, and Edinburgh and London Universities, where she majored in vocal performance. In 1989 her career as a choral conductor brought her to the US where she now resides and works as a member of the faculty in the esteemed choral program of Brigham Young University. Here, in addition to conducting both the Concert Choir and the renowned BYU Men’s Chorus, she teaches both undergraduate and graduate classes in conducting and choral literature. Her extensive training and far-reaching experience in music curriculum development bring a depth of perspective to all of her teaching, and her vivacious and innovative approach to rehearsal is appreciated by choral musicians on both sides of the Atlantic. This year, both the BYU Concert Choir and the BYU Men’s Chorus, which she conducts, have been selected to perform at the convention of the American Choral Directors Association.